Material provided on the website could be of interest for beginners and non-professional users of dosimeters-radiometers. It could be useful for those who want to perform radiation measurements and –importantly – to interpret received results correctly. Potential customers can find the description of main characteristics and develop their own opinion on the quality of the device and on price vs. quality ratio.


Speaking about a modern personal dosimeter-radiometer it is appropriate to expect it to be a pocket-sized device with operation controls (keyboard), indicators (symbol or graphic display) and threshold alarm, and a set of service functions which is an essential attribute of an up-to-date device.


In the description of this model of the MKS-03D “Strizh” personal dosimeter-radiometer we make a short introduction about the danger of radiation, explain what a dosimeter and a dosimeter-radiometer are, and what dosimeters-radiometers can consist of. Experienced users can skip the introductory part and jump to the chapters describing properties of MKS-03D "Strizh" straightaway.